Thoughts that Matter

Week 3

Week 3 has ended and o boy, what a week it has been. I was able to achieve quite a bit this week. Opened a PR for sampling methods, along the lines of Francesco Bonazzi’s suggestion, and it has well receieved. I will continue my work to more it more robust and avoid code repetition as much as possible.

I have started the discussion on Compound distributions and have started an issue regarding the same. I also went through the implementation of Joint distribution to see how it was structured and will take inspiration from it for implementation of Compound distribution. I also raised a PR for Compound distribution and will continue to work on it.

In addition I also implemented some more distributions and factorial moment function for statistics module. I will try to get them merged before evaluation begin.

Ah yes! Evaluation is fast approaching. All the best to me :)

That’s all from my side. Namaste!