Thoughts that Matter

Week 1

So the first week has come to an end and this has been a great experience so far. I have completed some of my PRs which were open during community bonding period. Moreover, I have raised a PR for multigamma function and getting a good response from the team.

Implementing a function was new to me. And learning the way of coding a function symbolically, from already implemented functions, was an enriching experience for me.

I have also read more about Compound distributions and started making notes on how they are different from closely related Joint distributions. Wikipedia is a great source for this and I recommend everyone interested to check it out. I feel that Compound distributions will open up the SymPy statistics module to new dimension and will make it more useful.

I also solved some non-GSoC related issues to get more exposure to SymPy. For any newcomer I believe that Issue page is best place to start.

That’s all for today. Till then, Namaste!