Thoughts that Matter

Community Bonding Period

So, the community bonding period has ended and I am happy to say that I have made the best use of this time.

For a head start, I worked on many Univariate distributions and was able to complete many of them. Also while going through Multivariate distributions, I felt that we should have a multigamma function which is used in Wishart and Inverse Wishart distributions, some of the prominent Multivariate distributions and hence opened a PR for the same.

I have also started to read more about sampling methods in other python libraries like NumPy, Scipy and PyMC3. PyMC3 was new to me and learning it was a great fun. I would recommend it for numerical Bayesian Learning and Sampling based Inference algorithms implementation.

I feel that with the ability to export random variables to other libraries and using state-of-the-art sampling methods would make SymPy more applicable and will help us to focus on what SymPy does best, Symbolic manipulation.

See you soon. Till then, Namaste.