Thoughts that Matter

Beginning GSoC'19

I am glad to share with you that I was accepted as a GSoC student of SymPy on 6th May 2019. I will be working on statistics module under the guidance of Francesco Bonazzi and Sidhant Nagpal.

I have been contributing to SymPy for quite sometime and it is a great oppurtunity to be a part of such a vibrant team. One of the many positives of SymPy, that I feel, attracted me was the very concept of doing symbolic computation. I come from Machine Learning background and having been using python libraries like NumPy and Scipy for quite some time. But there was a disconnect on how I thought and implemented my code. First I would derive the entire algorithm on paper and then code it in python. With SymPy one can derive the algorithm itself in python and also let the library do the hardwork for you.

I think that there is lot of scope for SymPy specially in Machine Learning related field and I am fortunate to work towards it.

I would be working along with Gagandeep Singh and look forward to great learning experience ahead.

Till then, Namaste.